As part of my zero waste journey which I started about 3 months ago, one of the things I was willing to let go was sanitary napkins. These little pads on our red days are considered residual waste, (which is non compostable and non recyclable) so it mindlessly go to landfills – every single month. I am one of those lazy women who just want their period to be over, so investing on a menstrual cup was one of the best decisions in my life.


What Exactly is a Menstrual Cup?

It’s a small flexible reusable cup made of silicon or rubber, that works like a tampon minus the waste.




It’s eco and budget friendly


My first reusable cup cost me around Php 600, and lasts up to 5 years. Aside from keeping those napkins from landfill, I don’t freakingly need to go to the grocery to buy them. Saves momma earth, and saves me money, energy and time.


One cup is enough


No more extra pads/cups needed in your bag, coz you can keep it inside up to 12hours! In my experience, even on heavy days, I only need to change mine twice a day – before I leave the house and before I go to bed


You can do your usual physical activities

Yep, you can go to the gym, workout, swim, and dance on your period. Yay!


Zero leaks

Before I switched, I was actually worried about experiencing leaks. Apparently, even when I sleep, it doesn’t! Gaaaah, one of the best inventions of mankind.


No more chemicals in your….

Have you ever read your sanitary napkin’s ingredients? Yep, most of them you can’t even pronounce.




Disposal of blood can be messy

The cleaning part of the cup can be a bit messy but it takes getting used to. I’m not the type who’s easily grossed out, so this isn’t really an issue for me, but some of my friends who used menstrual cups commented that looking at the cup was eeky at first.



Some women reported irritation in using menstrual cups. According to an OB, an incorrect cup size, unsanitized cups, or unclean hands are the culprit.


Have you tried it? I also wanna hear your stories!


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